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On the Soul: A Dialogue on Abortion

Does the unborn child have a soul?  Let us imagine a conversation between Aristotle (the 4th c. BC Greek philosopher) and some contemporary politician calling for abortion at any time up to the moment of birth.  We’ll call her ‘H’.  H. and A. are watching the recent news on television about abortion legislation in the United States.  During a commercial, H. turns to A. and begins the dialogue.
H: I believe that women have the right to abortion.
A: I do not dispute that you believe that.  If you say so, you most likely do.  But do you know what you are saying?
H: What do you mean?  Of course, I do.
A: Let us first consider what you mean.  Are you asserting something about the legal or moral right of a woman?
H: I am asserting that women have the legal right.  This is because the freedom of choice is a universal right.
A: So, if we for the moment allow that freedom of choice is a universal right, why would that make a particular choice a legal right?
H: We should not make laws that tak…