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Shlomo and the Donkeys. A Story for Palm Sunday.

“Yitsak, don’t you think it is time to sell the wood around the neighborhood?”“I can’t, Esther!Shlomo isn’t back yet with the donkeys.”“Why did you let him take the donkeys?What’s a boy want with donkeys?People need their firewood for dinner.How will they get their wood for the fire?”“Esther, two men needed a donkey that had never been ridden,[1] so I let them take Gimmel.He wouldn’t leave his mother, of course, so I said to take Beth as well.[2]Shlomo went along to bring back the donkeys.That’s the way it is.”
Yitsak had picked up a habit of declaring that things were the way they were in an attempt to diminish the account his wife often made him give of himself.This was never successful, however.“So, we’ve lost two donkeys and little Shlomo all in one afternoon,” she pressed her point.“How can you let somebody you don’t know take both of our donkeys and our son?Why did they want little Gimmel and not his mother in the first place?What’s a person doing riding a colt that has never bee…