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Understanding the Meaning of Jesus’ Death in Scripture

Various understandings or interpretations of the significance of Jesus’ ministry, particularly his death, have been offered.  The following essay explores several views about Jesus’ death as a sacrifice, focusing on the question whether Jesus’ death was a substitutionary sacrifice.  I begin with a brief study of how the author of Hebrews explained Jesus’ death as an atoning sacrifice and then examine various views on how to understand this sacrifice.  The argument will be that, despite various arguments to the contrary, Jesus’ death was, indeed, substitutionary.  I will conclude with an examination of Jesus’ death as both a sacrifice of atonement and a Passover sacrifice—both dealing with sin, and note how very rich the meaning of Jesus’ death really is in New Testament teaching.
Jesus’ Sacrifice of Atonement in Hebrews 8-10, 1 John, and Paul
By way of introduction, note that Jesus’ death was seen as an atoning sacrifice with regard to the Day of Atonement (Leviticus 16).  Hebrews gives…