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Christian Mission in the West: the Work of Christian Concern

Are you involved in Christian ministry and mission work in Western countries?

Christian Concern has a website with a variety of resources to help Christians negotiate the new challenges of the West's post-Christian culture.  Christian Concern  addresses the following issues of significance for Christians in the United Kingdom (but also relevant to other Western nations):

Church and StateFreedomIslamEducationFamily and Sexual EthicsLife and BioethicsEtc.
Christian Concern is engaged in responding to the culture's assault on Christians and the Church.  They do so with campaigns, literature, drafting legal amendments for Parliament, offering legal services and trying cases, providing instruction at their Wilberforce Academy, and offering current news.

Those involved in ministry and missions in the West would do well to follow the work of Christian Concern.  See online:  You will be able to subscribe to their newsletter as well.  They present a great…

Understanding Western Culture and the Church’s Mission, in 1,000 Words

For many centuries, Western culture was largely defined by the Church’s institutional and religious prominence.  The symbol of authority was the cleric, whether the village priest or the enthroned bishop.  Results were mixed, not because Christian faith was at fault but because it was often misrepresented, ignored, or even opposed by persons with power.  Even if some obviously errant convictions were held about science, failure was not because Scripture advocated the error but because erroneous interpretations were held.  The case of Galileo Galilei is a prime example: his scientific observation that the earth rotated around the sun was suppressed by ignorant men who believed that Scripture taught that sun revolved around the earth.  From a scientific perspective, this is a case of the Church dictating what is true of nature; from a Christian perspective, this is a case of the Church wrongly interpreting Scripture.  Yet scientists and Christians agreed: both affirmed the natural orde…