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Church: 19a. How to Choose a Church: Preaching

One thing everyone looks for when looking for a church is good preaching.  It may be the first thing people look for, although few people can easily say which they weigh more of preaching, worship, music, fellowship, ministry, and mission when looking for a ‘good’ church.  I want to offer some thoughts along the line of what constitutes a ‘good’ church, starting with preaching.  Of all the ways one could classify different preaching, I want to use the old distinction in classical rhetoric of ‘logos’ (reason) for forensic speaking (expository preaching), ethos (authority) for deliberative speaking (topical preaching), and ‘pathos’ (emotion) for epideictic speaking (occasional preaching—here discussed as story-telling) to identify three broad categories for preaching.  Of course, a sermon my combine these forms, so the distinction is more about emphasis.
Three Types of Preaching:
1. The Expositor: Expository preaching is preaching that teaches the Scriptures.  The sermon wil…