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The Antinaturalism of Late Postmodernity

Among the definitions offered for Modernity and Postmodernity, I would argue that a definition involving ‘nature’ gets to the core.Modernity elevated science to the head of departments in the university. Postmodernity has responded by rejecting the study of nature, with its objectivity, and replacing science first with literature, a subjective study, and then with the social sciences, investing group realities with political power (the ‘reality’ of power).The literary turn marked early Postmodernity, whereas late Postmodernity has sought to privilege groups that undermine earlier groups that held privileged status.The Postmodern turn in both cases, however, is a defiance of nature.The movement champions local reality and constructed truth. Postmodernity began as a challenge to modernity in the 1960s with architecture.In 1966, Robert Venturi argued for the richness rather than the clarity of meaning in buildings in Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture.He said, ‘less is a bore.’I…