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Mission as Theological Education in Africa 4: Some Places of Study

In this post, I offer a list of places to study and train for ministry in Africa.  This list is certainly incomplete, and no attempt has been made to assess the various theological colleges listed.  Some Roman Catholic institutions are listed, but most are Protestant institutions. One reason for the list is to note the development of theological training on the continent where the Church is growing fastest. Some of the listed institutions are accredited or validated and some are not.  Some are questionable theologically (and may even be heretical!) or academically.  The purpose of this list is to give people a place to start investigating further within a country without offering any recommendation for where to study.  Persons interested in study may begin by googling a specific institution, examining the website of a given denomination or accrediting agency, getting recommendations from others in ministry, visiting the campus and meeting the faculty and current students, etc.  For hi…