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Available Books

Instructions: Click the 'Buy Now' link and continue through PayPal's checkout process (some works are available on other services). Once completed, you will be taken to the pdf of the e-book on Acrobat Cloud. (You may have to check a button labelled 'Return to Merchant'.)  Please download this pdf or save the link so that you can access the book in the future. If you lose the link, please contact me at

The Church and Western Tribalism (E-Book, 152 pages) by Rollin G. Grams
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Thoughts for the Journey: A Traveller's Devotional (E-Book, 40 day devotional, with pictures) by Rollin and Wendy Grams

Pastoral Care for Sinners (E-Book, 33 pages) by Rollin G. Grams
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Gathered for Worship: Biblical Studies on the Church (39 pages) by Rollin G. Grams
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Rival Versions of Theological Enquiry (101 pages) by Rollin G. Grams


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