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The Church and Western Tribalism (E-Book, 152 pages) by Rollin G. Grams
This book is a collection of essays on the Church and Western Culture.  It argues that the post-postmodern cultural context is best categorized as 'tribalism,' and the academic fields that have risen to prominence are the social sciences, particularly sociology (as opposed to science in modernity and literature in postmodernity).
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Thoughts for the Journey: A Traveller's Devotional (E-Book, 40 day devotional, with pictures) by Rollin and Wendy Grams

Pastoral Care for Sinners (E-Book, 33 pages) by Rollin G. Grams
This booklet offers a Biblical and Christian perspective on pastoral care for sinners.  Over against cultural pressure to stop speaking of 'sin' and to be inclusive and tolerant in our approach to pastoral care, this booklet offers a more Biblical understanding of pastoral care.
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Gathered for Worship: Biblical Studies on the Church (39 pages) by Rollin G. Grams
This booklet offers a challenge and alternatives to the 'three songs and a sermon' variety of Evangelical worship that has arisen in fast-paced, over-sized, Christianity 'lite'  churches in recent decades.  Suggestions are based on a Biblical understanding of worship.

Rival Versions of Theological Enquiry (101 pages) by Rollin G. Grams
This book is for theological students, particularly those at the beginning of their masters or doctoral studies.  It explores the rival versions of enquiry as identified by Alistair MacIntyre with respect to four theological tasks (exegetical task, Biblical theological task, convictional task [theology, ethics, Church history), and pragmatic task [how we live as Christians]).

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Biblical Catechism on Sex and Marriage (41 pages), prepared by Rollin G. Grams $0.99
This book takes readers to relevant Scripture passages to discuss questions about sex and marriage.  It serves as a Biblical guidebook for Christians exploring these topics. 


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