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Stay or Leave? Is John 17 Grounds for Staying in Mainline Denominations in Our Day?

In Jesus’ High Priestly prayer to His Father in John 17, he prays for several things, including unity.While anecdotal, it certainly seems that most Christians think of this chapter in John’s Gospel as primarily about unity.This is, however, one of several themes in the prayer.Moreover, the passage is regularly cited in the West as a reason for staying in mainline denominations in our day.Mainline denominations such as the Episcopal Church in the USA or Church of England in the UK, for example, have redefined themselves to such an extent that they promote the culture’s agenda and convictions instead of the historic faith they once affirmed.Thus, it is with some urgency that we ask, ‘Does John 17 offer grounds for those who advocate staying in these mainline denominations in our day?’ In John 17, Jesus says, John 17.11b (ESV) … keep them in your name, which you have given me, that they may be one, even as we are one.
What is Jesus actually praying in this verse and in the prayer as a who…