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Engaging the Bible in Mission Theology Scholarship: Bible & Mission Book

Readers of this blog may be interested in a multi-author work by the same title:

Rollin G. Grams, I. Howard Marshall, Peter F. Penner, Robin Routledge, eds., Bible and Mission: A Conversation Between Biblical Studies and Missiology (Neufeld Verlag, 2008).

This publication is the product of a colloquium that brought together Biblical scholars and missiologists to explore several issues for a Biblical missiology.  The book includes the following authors and articles:

  • Robin Routledge, ‘Mission and Covenant in the Old Testament’
  • Rollin G. Grams, ‘Some Geographical and Intertextual Dimensions of Matthew’s Mission Theology’
  • Peter F. Penner, ‘The Use of the Book of Acts in Mission Theology and Praxis’
  • I. Howard Marshall, ‘Paul’s Mission According to Romans’
  • Corneliu Constantineanu, ‘Reconciliation as a Missiological Category for Social Engagement: A Pauline Perspective from Rom. 12.1-21’
  • David Southall, ‘The Personification of Righteousness within a Metaphoric and Narratorial Setting: A Perspective on the Content of Paul’s Proclamation of the Gospel’
  • Christoph Stenschke, ‘The Status and Calling of Strangers and Exiles: Mission According to First Peter’
  • Scott Hafemann, ‘Missions, the Judgment of God, and the Centrality of Scripture—A Response to David Macdonald Paton from 2 Peter’
  • J. Andrew Kirk, ‘How a Missiologist Uses the Bible
  • David W. Shenk, ‘The Bible, the Qu’ran and Mission