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Engaging the Bible in Mission Theology: Scripture Tools for Every Person (STEP)

Engaging the Bible in Mission Theology Scholarship: Scripture Tools for Every Person (STEP)

An essential part of mission theology is an engagement with Scripture.  For years now, those of us who could afford it have used Bible programmes that allow us to search Scripture for words and phrases in a variety of languages, including the original languages.  The top commercial programmes have been BibleWorks, Accordance, and Logos.

Just rolled out in its first edition this week is StepBible.  See

This is a simply fantastic development in the world of Biblical literacy.  Now, for free, people around the world will have at their fingertips a large number (and growing) of translations, including critical editions of the Old Testament and New Testament in the original languages.  To get a tour of the site, go to:

Congratulations to Dr. David Instone-Brewer and those assisting him in developing this through Tyndale House, Cambridge (see:

Making the Scriptures accessible and developing tools to study it is a large part of the Great Commission--to make disciples of all nations.