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Announcing Global Christian News: Getting a Christian slant on the news--and Christian news

The news is really a story, created by narrators (reporters and anchormen) and editors whose reporting produces a symbolic universe paralleling but not to be equated with reality in which we choose to dwell or struggle not to do so.

Anyone interested in the Church and its mission is constantly frustrated with the story told day after day in the newspapers, magazines, or on television.  Televised news is largely entertainment.  Objective reporting is almost impossible to come by, as is world news or news relevant to the Church.  In a word, we need a different perspective to balance those telling the world's story from a single or secular perspective, or from a predominantly western or American perspective.  Such reporting is helpful, but insufficient, myopic, and distortive without additional input from alternative sources.

Christians need a news service that tells their story on the world stage.  They need to hear the story of the Church that mentions people and countries never even making the regular news.  They need to hear about the powerless and persecuted, Christians and churches around the world, and religion and public life as it affects their lives.  They need to hear from people in other parts of the world, not just people from the west reporting on those other places.  They need, in a word, a Christian news service.
This is what Global Christian News now offers.  It is a recently developed news service that picks up relevant stories from other sources as well as reporting and analysing news on its own.  I would like to recommend it to everyone interested in the Christian, global story.